Calling all lightweight recreational bodybuilders...
Stop Leaving Results On The Gym Floor!
You Can Hack Your Training Frequency To Unleash Your Complete Muscular Potential.
Works Best For Lightweight Bodybuilder's Who Weigh Less Than 155 Pounds But Want To Appear Huge

In this FREE video series you'll discover...

  • Why (and how) both high-frequency training and body part splits limit your muscular growth. (Do this instead to ramp-up your growth potential for continuous long-term muscle gains!)
  • Why (and how) mastering "Growth Volume" is the key that allows lightweight natural bodybuilders to get jacked!
  • How to combine this new "Frequency Hack" with these advanced muscle stimulation tactics for bursts in muscular size!
  • How to let this new "Frequency Hack" unleash your body's complete and full genetic potential!

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